why Micromed

why to choose Micromed

It is not easy to choose the best partner to deal with in the development of a “State-of-the-Art” diagnostic center.

The simple evaluation of technical information could lead to overestimation of aspects that can then show to be not very important in the daily clinical practice.

Micromed has presented and keep presenting a solution that can be seen as “different” from that of most of the competitor as it privileges the quality of the relationship with the customer, putting customer and customer needs always at the center of its attention.

The reason of this difference comes from the history of a solid Team of Research and Development and from a strong relationship with the Key Opinion Leader that has been established in the past and keep on giving a string contribution to the development of the system. This allows finding brilliant solution to lot of particular demands and requested customization that becomes beneficial to the entire community of users.

Started by a futuristic vision of the Neurophysiology, Micromed has been able to apply the most advanced technologies to the daily practice.